On 30 June 2020, we announced the sale of our 82% shareholding in GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited to Unilever, as well as the divestment of our nutrition brands, including Horlicks, Boost and Glaxose D, in Bangladesh.

This transaction was previously announced in December 2018 and is part of GSK’s broader divestment of our nutrition brands to Unilever.

We continue to operate in Bangladesh through our subsidiary Burroughs Wellcome & Co (Bangladesh) Limited (“BW”). Burroughs Wellcome will market Sensdodyne and the digestive health brand Eno.  Bangladesh continues to be an important market for GSK and we will continue to invest in these brands and launch new brands in Bangladesh.

Since 2015 we have supplied a vaccine against pneumococcal disease to Bangladesh’s National Immunization Programme. Provided via GAVI, the public-private global health partnership, it helps protect around 3.3 million new-borns a year.

For information related to Horlicks, Boost and Glaxose D range of products in Bangladesh or ‘GSK Bangladesh Limited’, please visit Unilever

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