GSK signs up to UK Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal

Pledge to reduce the sugar and calorie content of Lucozade Energy and Ribena products.

Tuesday 22 January 2013, London UK

As a global healthcare company, at GSK we believe we have a responsibility to help people make healthier choices. We have signed up as a partner to the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal to demonstrate our commitment to encouraging people to eat and drink fewer calories. Our Ribena and Lucozade drinks ranges already include lower calorie options. We are also currently working further to develop healthier formulations of our Lucozade Energy and Ribena ready to drink products, by reducing the sugars and calorie content, whilst not compromising the nutritional or functional benefit they provide those who consume them.

By the end of 2013 we will have set long term commitments for the reduction of calorie and sugar content across our drinks portfolio.  As a first step, over the coming year, we will:

  • Reduce the calorie and sugars content of 65% of the Lucozade Energy range sold in the UK & Ireland by 9% and 8%, respectively, (based on 2011 levels), equivalent to removing 583 tonnes of sugars and 2.2 billion calories
  • We will continue to reduce the calorie and sugars content of ready to drink Ribena products sold in the UK and Ireland, reducing sugars content by 10% by 2014 (vs. 2011 levels), equivalent to the removal of 850 tonnes of sugars and 3.4 billion calories

We have a responsibility to help people make healthier choices and are using our scientific expertise to develop innovative new products like Ribena Plus with vitamin A and vitamin C to help support the immune system, and Ribena Plus with calcium for healthy bones. We have also developed Lucozade Revive, with just 50 calories, that contains a blend of B vitamins. B3 fights tiredness, while B12 helps with everyday energy release. Lucozade Sport Lite provides a lower calorie source of effective hydration for those with an active lifestyle.

We believe it is important to inform people about the nutritional content of our products so that they can make informed choices. We’ll continue to provide factual, relevant and understandable nutritional information on all product labels. We also have a duty to promote our products responsibly and will continue to ensure our advertising, sponsorships and messaging encourage healthier behaviours and are appropriate for their intended audiences.

We will report back on these commitments each year.


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