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Our approach to Brexit

We have evaluated the impact of Brexit on our business operations, including our supply chain and quality oversight. Our priority is to maintain continuity of GSK’s supply of medicines, vaccines and health products to our patients and consumers in the UK and the EU.

Uncertainty remains about the future relationship between the UK and the EU. As a result, we have agreed a risk-based approach to mitigation across the organisation. Implementation of our contingency plan has been underway since January 2018, with an immediate focus on our supply chains. This includes expanding our ability in the EU and the UK to conduct re-testing and certification of medicines; transferring Marketing Authorisations registered in the UK to an EU entity; updating packaging and packaging leaflets; amending manufacturing and importation licences, and securing additional warehousing.

We currently anticipate that the cost to implement these and other necessary changes could be up to £70 million over the next two to three years, with subsequent ongoing additional costs of approximately £50 million per year, including additional customs duties and transaction or administration costs. These charges represent our estimates of the impact of Brexit based on the information currently available. As more information on the changes to our business that will be required after Brexit becomes available, the assumptions underlying these estimates could change, with consequent adjustments, either up or down, to the additional costs we expect to incur. We will continue to adjust our plans and their expected financial impact as negotiations and regulations develop.

Delivering these necessary but complex changes will be ambitious and potentially disruptive in the short term and we support efforts to secure a status quo transition period to minimise disruption. Over the longer term, we continue to believe that Brexit will not have a material impact on our business.