What our partners say

We believe we have a lot to offer potential partners but there's no need to take our word for it. Here's what a selection of our current partners say about working with us.

Vaccines development

Our collaboration with GSK has been forward thinking from the outset and through strong mutual commitment and drive, it has enabled our adjuvant technology to be applied in innovative R&D for vaccine development. We view our alliance with GSK Vaccines as being unique and the overall management of our collaboration has been invaluable."

Long-term partnership

“We greatly value our long and productive partnerships with GSK. Our original collaboration with GSK dates back to the 1990s and led to the successful discovery, development and global commercialisation of Promacta/Revolade for a number of indications with major unmet medical needs. GSK is a collaborative global partner who has shown incredible dedication to world-class clinical development and commercialisation.” - Matt Foehr, Chief Operating Officer, Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc

Alzheimer's Disease

"Our alliance is a perfect example of a very effective partnership between a major pharmaceutical company and an academic institution with the ultimate goal to accelerate the production of highly effective vaccines to treat Alzheimer's patients. Such collaboration is essential to find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and other chronic diseases.”- Serge Rivest of CHUC Montreal, Laval University

Open Lab - Tres Cantos

Supported by GSK scientists specialising in screening and compound profiling, scientists from Durham University used our automated screening equipment and extensive compound library to design and run a high-throughput yeast-based assay in order to identify inhibitors of the target enzyme in the kinetoplastid parasite that could be a target for new treatments for Leishmaniasis, Chagas Disease and Human African Trypanosomiasis:

"GSK’s involvement has been vital in moving this project forward. It would have been impossible to undertake a screen of this magnitude without the specialised equipment they supplied. As an academic institution, access to a compound library of this size and equipment capable of ultra-high-throughput screening is unprecedented. The Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation also afforded our group the opportunity to undertake work that would be difficult to fund through conventional mechanisms such as Research Councils in the UK. On a personal level, at such an early career stage it was an incredible opportunity to acquire new skills and to work alongside and learn from industry experts.” - Jennifer Norcliffe, Durham University and Tres Cantos Open Lab scientist

Small biotech dynamics

"Our collaboration with GSK Vaccines was critical for the development of our company and stands out through its professional set-up and effective implementation. The care and balance that GSK is putting in the management of the relationship is remarkable as well as the understanding of small biotech specific dynamics. The strong commitment and drive accelerates the development of our portfolio of vaccine candidates based on our innovative bioconjugation technology and will make much-needed novel vaccines faster available.” - Philippe Dro, CEO from Glycovaxyn