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Developing the next generation of medicines and vaccines.

We invest in scientific and technical excellence to develop and launch the next generation of transformational medicines and vaccines, that meet the needs of patients and payers.

In Development, we translate innovative early science - by following the data, unconstrained by therapy area or modality - into disease-specific potential new medicines.

This includes supporting colleagues in Research to ensure we are focused on the most promising molecules that will benefit the largest number of patients, introducing the use of advanced technologies to assist in collecting patient data in the clinic in real-time, engaging with regulatory bodies along the drug development journey and working with our global therapy areas teams and in-country commercial teams to bring needed medicines and vaccines to patients.

Our current therapy areas of focus are Vaccines, HIV, Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Respiratory and Immuno-inflammation.

Developing a medicine or vaccine takes many years. However, rapid advances in science and technology are transforming healthcare, improving the probability of success in R&D and may help accelerate the process. The insights gained are improving the development of preventive and therapeutic medicines and vaccines and enabling manufacturers and purchasers of healthcare products to better measure their effectiveness.

Our Consumer Healthcare business develops and markets a portfolio of globally recognised consumer preferred and expert-recommended brands in the oral health, pain relief, respiratory, skin health, nutrition and digestive health categories.

Patient focus

Patient focus is one of our values and we have a Patients in Partnership team who put the patient voice at the heart of our business. Our vision is a company where there's systematic and consistent patient engagement throughout any product's lifecycle. Where patient insights are part of all key plans and activities, and patient engagement skills are second nature because they are widespread and embedded across the company.

If we engage with patients to generate and apply insights, we will create medicines of the greatest value for patients.