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Pharmaceutical collaborations

We are committed to discovering and developing innovative medicines to treat a broad range of diseases.

We understand the value of partnering, and we look for creative, mutually beneficial pharmaceutical collaborations that will provide the best medicines for patients. We are interested in opportunities for both small and large molecule research, development, and manufacturing.

Our strengths

In Pharmaceuticals R&D, our business development professionals are embedded in individual therapy areas. Our team will work side by side with you throughout the entire process from due diligence to negotiations and deal management.

What to expect from our collaboration

The best science is the foundation of all our partnerships, and it drives our flexible approach to how we collaborate. Our expertise includes option-based deals, early and late-stage licensing deals, co-development, co-promotions, equity investments and acquisitions.

Our partnership management teams manage assets from early stage through to marketed products, and across a wide range of collaboration structures. They help connect partners with the broader GSK community, driving smooth deal execution throughout the relationship. One unique resource that partners frequently access is our R&D-based Scinovo group. This team is built on a dedicated scientific support model that gives partners access to our pre-clinical and drug development expertise.


To ensure our current and potential partners engage with the full capabilities of GSK, we have a group of research and development consultants called Scinovo to help them maximise our resources. The group assembles skills and knowledge from across GSK, to offer both strategic and tactical options for our partners to consider as they move their programmes and projects along.

Pharmaceuticals – commercial opportunities

Our commercial operating model, divided into four regions (North America, Europe, Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific, and Japan), gives our partners the global reach they need, balanced with the local support and attention that mark any successful collaboration. Whether you looking to launch, promote or expand access for your product, we can help. We are open to collaborations at a global, regional, and individual country level.

We have a proven track record of success with:

  • new product launches
  • market access, where we bring specific expertise in pricing, reimbursement, and health outcomes
  • patient access to medicines, ranging from assisting patients with medicines they cannot afford to providing biosimilars and branded generics in emerging markets

Our regions and areas of interest

We are committed to working with you across different collaboration structures, bringing in support when and where needed from the rest of our organisation. Our aim is to find a tailored approach that fits your needs, making your experience personal.

In North America, we are interested in marketed products and assets in late-stage development.

In Europe, we are focused on recently launched products and assets in late-stage development. In the Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific region, we are looking for marketed or late life-cycle products, biosimilar candidates, and branded generics.

In Japan, we are interested in marketed products and assets in the clinical development stage, as well as early-stage candidates and technologies for our global organisation.