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We are committed to reducing our operational waste, as well as reducing the environmental impact of our products and packaging.



Consumer Healthcare

Operational Waste

Zero operational waste, including eliminating single use plastics[1], by 2030

90% operational waste reused, recycled, downcycled or incinerated with heat recovery by 2030

Products and Packaging

25% environmental impact reduction for our products and packaging by 2030


100% product packaging recyclable or reusable, including eliminating all problematic and unnecessary plastics, where quality and safety permits by 2025[2]

Supply Chain

10% waste reduction from supply chain by 2030


Operational waste and single-use plastics

We will achieve zero operational waste through minimising the amount of waste we generate and diverting the material we do generate into circular cycles, for example reuse, recycling and composting.

Our commitment to operational waste includes eliminating single use plastics in our operations by 2030 (excluding those plastics which are critical to product discovery and development, health and safety, and meeting regulatory obligations).

Products and product packaging

The Biopharma business has committed to a 25% environmental impact reduction for product and packaging by 2030. We will achieve this through integrating environmental aspects into the product design process for all new products and selected established products, with the aim of improving the environmental performance of the product throughout its whole life cycle, for example by using recycled card in packaging, using e-leaflets for vaccines and using more efficient manufacturing methods. We will put a plan in place to identify and remove PVC in all secondary packaging by end 2021.

The Biopharma business is working with suppliers to understand and map our waste in the supply chain. We can then baseline our supply chain waste impact and work with suppliers to develop action plans to achieve our target.

The Consumer Healthcare Business has committed 100% product packaging recyclable or reusable where quality and safety permits by 2025. We will start by implementing flagship projects to reduce our plastic packaging footprint, including moving to fully recyclable toothpaste tubes and mouthwash bottles.

GSK is a member of the Ellen McArthur Foundation to help develop our approach to circularity and to work with other members on collaborative projects for mutual benefit. 

Protecting and restoring the planet’s health to protect and improve people’s health

In November 2020, we announced ambitious environmental sustainability goals in both climate and nature. 

Read more about our goals.


[1]  Where regulatory obligations allow, and excluding plastics which are critical to product discovery and development and health & safety

[2] Where quality and safety permit and subject to regulatory compliance​