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We report on a wide range of ESG data in our ESG Performance Report. In addition to this, a number of additional metrics are disclosed below.

Latest reports

The ESG Performance Report includes our performance across our public Trust commitments and environmental, social and governance (ESG) data for current and previous years. Within the Trust section of our Annual Report, we provide a summary and highlights of our progress in 2021.

mRNA strand

Our position on

Learn more about our views and our practices across a range of access, R&D, intellectual property, health security and environment issues here.

Policy positions

ESG reports archive

Search our archive of responsible business reports and resources dating back to 2002.


ESG Reports Archive

ESG ratings performance 

Detailed below is how we perform in key ESG ratings.

External benchmarking Change Current rating
Previous rating
Relative to peers
Dow Jones Sustainability Index amber arrow 88/100 88/100 1st in the pharmaceutical industry group
Access to Medicines Index green arrow   4.23 4.01 1st in the Index
Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark red arrow 84% 86% Leader
CDP Carbon green arrow   A- B  
CDP Water red arrow B A  
CDP Forest (palm oil and timber)   B N/A  
CDP Supplier engagement amber arrow Leader Leader  
Sustainalytics red arrow 18.9 19.3 4/454 subindustry group
MSCI amber arrow AA AA  
FTSE4Good amber arrow Member of FTSE4Good Index since 2004 Member of FTSE4Good Index since 2004  



Charitable grants

We publish our charitable giving data in our Annual Report and ESG performance summary each year. We are further increasing transparency by publishing details of our individual charitable grants over £10,000 ($15,000).  

Details of the grants are available in the 2021 Charitable Grants Report (PDF-994KB). 

In addition to the grants of £10,000 or more declared here, GSK discloses grants to US-based non-profit organisations that foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical, and healthcare issues and contribute to improving patient care. 

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Trade association memberships

GSK is a member of many trade and industry associations that primarily represent pharmaceutical, consumer products and vaccine businesses at the national, regional and international levels. The PDF contains a list of the main associations. 

2021 Trade Association Memberships (PDF-141KB) 

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Patient organisation funding

Patient organisations – non-profit organisations founded by patients, care-givers, family members and health professionals – are important stakeholders for GSK. 

They engage with healthcare providers, governments, the media, and patients to promote improved treatment and services for patients. They also campaign on issues that affect patients’ and care-givers’ lives, including increasing access to quality medicines, services and information on disease. Some carry out research into the causes of and potential treatments for specific conditions.

Listed below are the patient organisations that we support:


1. Pan European
During 2019-2021, we provided financial support to the following pan European patient organisations:

Agora (PDF-48.1KB)

Alzheimer Europe (PDF-194KB)

EUROPA DONNA - The European Breast Cancer Coalition (PDF-343KB)

European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) (PDF-206KB)

European Federation of Allergy and Airways Disease Patients Association (PDF-677KB)

European Network of Gynaecological Cancer Advocacy Groups (ENGAGe) (PDF-210KB)

European Patients' Forum (EPF) (PDF-196KB)

Lupus Europe (PDF-209KB)

Myeloma Patients Europe (PDF-257KB)

Pulmonary Hypertension Association Europe (PDF-55.9KB)

Sarcoma Patients EuroNet (SPAEN) (PDF-343KB)


2. National European
Details of funding provided to patient organisations across Europe can be found on the relevant market website. Where no market website currently exists, and for those GSK local operating companies that supported patient organisations in 2021, the information is either published directly on this page or in a booklet available from the local office.

Markets with websites:






The Netherlands





Markets without websites:


BeLux (PDF-344KB)



Czech Republic (PDF-113KB)


Hungary (PDF-85.1KB)

Ireland (PDF-129.9KB)

Israel (PDF-234KB)

Latvia (PDF-148KB)

Lithuania (PDF-129KB)


Romania (PDF-101KB)


Slovakia (PDF-121KB)

Slovenia (PDF-147KB)



Ukraine (PDF-104KB)


During 2021, we provided support to the following UK patient organisations:

Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership (PDF-206KB)

Blood Cancer UK (PDF-203KB)

Cancer52 (PDF-199KB)

Croydon Vision (PDF-202KB)

Fifth sense (PDF-202 KB)

Meningitis Now (PDF-202KB)


Myeloma UK (PDF-204KB)

Ovacome (PDF-202KB)

Ovarian Cancer Action (PDF-200KB)


Peaches (PDF-390KB)

Plasma of Hope (PDF-3.94MB)

Positive East (PDF-199KB)

Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorder Association (PDF-202KB)

Target Ovarian Cancer (PDF-203KB)

Youth@Heart (PDF-3.94MB)


During 2020, we provided support to the following UK patient organisations:

PAG disclosure 2020 (PDF-627KB)

During 2019, we provided support to the following UK patient organisations:

PAG disclosure 2019 (PDF-675KB)

GSK also provides funding to support UK community healthcare charities through the GSK IMPACT Awards, in partnership with The King’s Fund.  This annual programme recognises and promotes excellence in community healthcare, providing funding and training to help strengthen the award winners’ current management plans and support their future aspirations.


3. Emerging Markets and Intercontinental
During 2021 we provided funding to the following emerging markets and intercontinental patient organisations:

Markets with websites:




South Korea



Markets without websites:

Argentina (PDF-557KB)

Colombia (PDF-220KB)

Chile (PDF-227KB)

Hong Kong (PDF-269KB)

New Zealand (PDF-217KB)

Taiwan (PDF-244KB)


4. Global
During 2019-2021, we provided financial support to the following global patient organisations:

Global Asthma and Allergy Patient Platform (GAAPP) (PDF-218KB)

International Alliance of Patient Organisations (IAPO) (PDF-210KB)

International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) (PDF-210KB)

International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) (PDF-264KB)

Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) (PDF-212KB)

World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) (PDF-392KB)

World Ovarian Cancer Coalition (WOCC) (PDF-213KB)

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UK Gender Pay Gap Report

We published our fifth annual UK gender pay gap report in 2021. Our gender pay gap for all permanent UK-based GSK employees is 1.18% (mean), outperforming the national average of 14.9%. We conduct country-based reviews and ensure all markets have clear guidance, tools and support to ensure pay equity. If unexplainable differences are detected, we address them through our compensation processes.

2021 UK Gender pay gap report (PDF - 209KB) 


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People data

We report on a wide range of people data in our ESG Performance Report. In addition to this, the number of new hires, workforce breakdown by age, percentage of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related positions and percentage of women in revenue-generating functions and freedom of association data is disclosed below.


Hires  2020 2021
Total number of new hires 12,119 21,838
% of open positions filled by internal candidates (internal hires) 58% 35.8%


Workforce breakdown by age (including both permanent and temporary employees)

Age bracket  2020 2021
< 30 years old 13.5% 13.1%
30-50 years old 64.8% 65.2%
> 50 years old 21.4%  21.6%


Percentage of women in STEM-related positions

2020 2021
43% 43%


Percentage of women in management positions in revenue-generating functions

2020 2021
48% 48%


Freedom of Association

We are respectful of the right of colleagues to join an independent trade union, the right to collectively bargain, and of freedom of association. Of our global employees, 37% are covered by collective bargaining arrangements and/or have declared that they are a member of a union. Additionally, GSK invests heavily in formal Information and Consultation arrangements which actively involve and provide additional Employee Voice to a much higher proportion of our colleagues.

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Engaging with Healthcare professionals

We are committed to disclosing the payments we make, as we work together with Healthcare professionals. Find our disclosure reports at Engaging with Healthcare professionals.

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