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Disclosure of payments made to HCPs in Romania

Cooperation between pharmaceutical companies, regulators, Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) and patients, is essential for the sustainable improvement of healthcare. These relationships have helped deliver numerous innovative new medicines and changed the way many diseases impact on our lives. HCPs have always been and will always remain valuable partners for GSK. As experts in their field, they provide us with first hand scientific and medical knowledge and unique insights into patient care. This partnership is fundamental to the progression of medical science, helping to meet disparate patient and public health needs.

Under the EFPIA Disclosure Code, from 2016 EFPIA member companies pledged to disclose the transfers of value they make to HCPs and HCOs in connection with prescription medicines, on an individual named basis (aggregate by exception only). This includes, for example, sponsorship for travel and registration fees to attend medical congresses, HCP consultancy fees for speaker arrangements or for chairing meetings and grants to HCOs. Transfers of value made to HCPs and HCOs for activities related to research and development are disclosed as an aggregate number.

Disclosure information is published annually (covering the previous year) on a public platform; either the company’s own website or, in some countries, a central platform combining data from different companies.

As of the start of 2014, GSK Romania became the only pharmaceutical company in Romania to implement these changes and go further than the current industry codes. We want to reduce a potential perception among patients that they might be prescribed a medicine for any other reason than what it is right for their condition. GSK Romania established to prioritise activities aimed at supporting the development of medical infrastructure and the implementation of medical educational initiatives for the main benefit of Romanian patients.

Our disclosures for Romania

The links below will take you to our disclosures for Romania in line with the EFPIA code and the local legislation requirements as were specified in the Law no. 95/2006 and OMS 194/2015.

Transfers of value to healthcare professionals and organisations published on the ANMDM website as per Law no. 95/2006 and OMS 194/2015:

Year                                   EFPIA Research Aggregate Disclosure Report
2019 PDF
Previous Year (s)                                    
2018 PDF
2017 PDF

Find out more about our policy for working with HCPs here or by reading our Code for HCP engagement.

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Publicarea informatiilor privind platile efectuate in Romania catre profesionistii din domeniul sanatatii

Cooperarea intre companiile farmaceutice, autoritatile de reglementare, profesionistii din domeniul sanatatii (HCP), organizatiile din domeniul sanatatii (HCO) si pacientii este esentiala pentru de a aduce imbunatatiri sustenabile in domeniul sanatatii. Aceste interactiuni au contribuit la dezvoltarea a numeroase medicamente inovatoare si au schimbat modul in care bolile afecteaza calitatea vietilor noastre. Profesionistii din domeniul sanatatii au fost si vor ramane mereu parteneri importanti pentru GSK. In calitate de experti in domeniilor lor de activitate, ei ne ofera cunostinte stiintifice si medicale esentiale, dar si noi perspective cu privire la interactiunea cu pacientul. Acest parteneriat este fundamental pentru progresul stiintei medicale, contribuind la satisfacerea nevoilor diverse ale pacientilor, dar si a sistemului public de sanatate.

In conformitate cu Codului de Transparenta EFPIA, incepand din 2016, companiile membre EFPIA s-au angajat sa publice toate transferurile de valoare facute catre profesionistii si organizatiile din domeniul sanatatii individual (cele agregate sunt acceptate numai in conditii exceptionale) ce privesc medicamente eliberate pe baza de prescriptie medicala. Aceste plati includ: sprijinul financiar pentru cheltuielile de deplasare si taxele de inregistrare in vederea participarii la congrese medicale, onorarii de consultanta acordate HCPs pentru a vorbi sau modera evenimente sau acordarea de granturi catre organizatiile din domeniul sanatatii (HCO) in aceste scopuri. Platile facute catre HCPs si HCOs pentru activitatile legate de cercetare si dezvoltare sunt prezentate agregat.

Raportul este publicat anual (pentru anul precedent) pe o platforma publica; fie website-ul companiei, fie, in unele tari, o platforma centralizata care include date de la diferite companii.

Informatiile publicate in Romania

Link-urile de mai jos va ofera acces la informatiile publicate in Romania in conformitate cu codul EFPIA si prevederile legislatiei locale, potrivit Legii nr. 95/2006 si OMS (Ordinul Ministrului Sanatatii) 194/2015.

Transferurile de valoare catre profesionistii si organizatiile din domeniul medical publicate pe website-ul ANMDM (Agentia Nationala a Medicamentului si Dispozitivelor Medicale) conform Legii nr. 95/2006 si OMS 194/2015:

Transferurile de valoare catre profesionistii si organizatiile din domeniul sanataţii pentru activitatile de cercetare si dezvoltare:

Year                                   EFPIA Research Aggregate Disclosure Report
2019 PDF
Previous Year (s)                                    
2018 PDF
2017 PDF 

Aflati mai multe despre abordarea noastra privind interactiunea cu HCP aici sau citind Codul nostru de practica.

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