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GSK was one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the USA to voluntarily disclose information about our work with physicians, including fees for speaking and consulting, which we have posted publicly since 2009. In 2010, we began disclosing payments to institutions and lead investigators for assisting with clinical research studies.

We publish the Physician Payments Report to detail our payments and other transfers of value to those US Health Care Professionals (HCPs) whom we have engaged as speakers about our medicines and the conditions they are approved to treat.

These speaking events are attended by physicians and others. We also detail payments to physicians who work with us as advisors to help us understand trends in the delivery of healthcare and the evolving needs of patients and providers for more effective medicines and vaccines. We report payments for expenses incurred by physician speakers and advisers while conducting programmes on our behalf, such as reasonable meals, airfare and lodging. We also report the modest meals provided to physicians who attend a speaker programme or in-office presentation, and other expenses which are non-cash items of value or services, such as certain educational items.