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Vaccines travel sponsorship

GSK Vaccines: Support for travel sponsorship for global/international independent medical education activities or scientific congresses

GSK Vaccines has a program to support, indirectly, the continued education of Health Care Professionals (HCPs), Other Health care Staff (OHS) and scientists through attendance at reputable medical and scientific congresses. Travel sponsorship programs which are established by reputable medical and scientific organizations to enable HCPs, OHS and scientists to attend global independent medical education activities or scientific congresses on general vaccinology or specific disease areas in which GSK Vaccines has marketed products may be eligible for GSK Vaccines funding for meetings.

Organizations seeking support for their travel sponsorship programs must be independent of GSK, well-established and able to provide a ‘full-service’ travel sponsorship program. They must also demonstrate robust governance and financial controls, including the ability to:

  • Advertise the sponsorship programme to appropriate audiences
  • Manage intake and review applications
  • Make and communicate decisions
  • Issue Letter of Agreements to awardees
  • Manage and disburse funds directly to travel agency or other third party that can make arrangements. (Reimbursement of travel/accommodation tickets or handling cash money to awardees will not be accepted to ensure good finance management)
  • Maintain audit-ready documentation

A travel sponsorship program would need to be completely managed within the applicant organization and would require that the applicant organization has a process in place for selecting HCPs / OHS / scientists based on merit and/or needs (e.g. from low to middle income countries), ideally ensuring a fair geographical balance.

To ensure complete independence, GSK does not wish to be involved in identification or selection of HCPs / OHS / scientists for travel sponsorship. Selected individuals must remain anonymous to GSK unless otherwise required by local laws and regulations.

GSK Vaccines would require with the third party provider that, based on HCPs/ OHS / scientists’ educational needs, awards should be prioritized to the following applicant types:

  • HCPs / OHS / scientists who can show scientific interest in the conference applied for (on general vaccinology or specific disease areas in which GSK Vaccines has marketed products), or can show benefits to their patients from attending
  • HCPs / OHS / scientists who are participating in the conference as oral presenters, abstract presenters, or have other active participation in original research or scientific work related to vaccines, vaccinology, vaccine preventable diseases or vaccine technology
  • HCPs / OHS / scientists who can share learning on vaccines/vaccine preventable diseases to a larger community after the conference because they teach in colleges or postgraduate units, or are part of a larger network anticipating feedback from the conference

Travel sponsorship may cover the costs of registration to the conference, reasonable travel (economy class) and accommodation (maximum 4 star hotel) costs.

Contact for Travel Sponsorship

Should your organization wish to seek support for your travel sponsorship program, please submit your request online via the portal GSK Vaccines Grants & Donations Portal. Any funding will be subject to an agreement between GSK and the requesting organization. Requesting organizations must understand that no funding is committed by GSK until a fully executed agreement is in place.

An activity report and a financial report following the travel will be also requested. HCP financial disclosure is also expected from the organization. If not feasible, they should inform GSK accordingly.

Timelines for Travel grant

Please note that Travel Grants requests will be reviewed twice a year, in June and in December. Hence, requests must be submitted by May 15th for the GSK June review and by November 15th for the GSK review of December each year.