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Sales force incentives programme

In 2019 we made changes to our global Sales Force Incentives (SFI) policy to set sales targets closer to individual effort in a selected number of countries to:

  • attract and retain the best talent
  • gain and maintain trust with healthcare professionals (HCPs) through quality dialogue for the benefit of patients
  • uphold our Trust principles of an ethical and values-led approach to engagements with HCPs, in full compliance with laws and policies
  • deliver strong performance.

Since we made those changes, we have seen a positive impact in our sales teams, with higher engagement and personal accountability. This has been achieved without compromising our Trust agenda and values-led approach to engagements with HCPs, as assessed through internal audits.

From January 2021 we made further targeted changes to our global SFI policy to drive competitiveness and increase personal accountability and engagement within our sales teams across the world. Implementation of those changes is subject to management approval and depending on a risk assessment. Now more of our sales teams have individual sales targets, including those working in primary care in selected markets.

All GSK’s sales representatives follow a comprehensive training, control and monitoring framework to ensure behaviour is fully aligned with GSK’s values-based approach to engagements with HCPs, in full compliance with laws and policies. We will apply a zero-tolerance approach for any employee that acts against GSK’s Values or infringes our policies.