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UK charitable partnerships

We have a number of partnerships with charities and groups in the UK to support local community projects. Find out more about some of these below.

The GSK IMPACT Awards have been running since 1997 and are designed to recognise and reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people’s health.

  • £7.7 million

    We have donated nearly £7.7million to nearly 520 community health and care charities throughout the UK.

The GSK IMPACT Awards, run in partnership with The King’s Fund, have been rewarding community-based health and wellbeing charities for the past 25 years. By providing them with mentoring and funding, the organisations are supported to continue their outstanding work making a real difference to people’s lives.

The GSK IMPACT Awards are GSK’s flagship UK community investment programme, which form a major part of our commitment to promote community health and wellbeing.

Awards are given annually; applications are made via The King’s Fund. The awards are open to charities with an annual income of between £120,000 to £3 million that are at least three years old.  Unlike other areas of GSK’s charitable support, these awards are unrestricted.

The name ‘IMPACT’ derives from the criteria that winners must have demonstrated in their application submissions: Innovation, Management, Partnership, Achievement, Community Focus and Targeting Need.

The benefits of winning a GSK IMPACT Award

  • The winners receive £40,000 in unrestricted funding, with an overall winner receiving an extra £10,000.
  • The runners up receive 4,000.
  • Award winners are offered two places on a training and development programme valued at £9,500. In addition, they are invited to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Network, which connects past GSK IMPACT Award winners – both online and at meetings which encourages members to carry on supporting each other and sharing best practice.
  • Promotional materials, including a short film about their work, are created for the winning organisations.

The GSK IMPACT Awards are presented at a high-profile ceremony in central London.

To apply for the GSK IMPACT Awards, please click here.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the GSK IMPACT Awards, the GSK Grow programme has been launched. This new programme will fund charities who support the most underprivileged and diverse communities in the UK. ​Up to 10 charities will receive £10,000 in unrestricted funding plus training and development valued at £3,200 with up to five runner up charities receiving £1,000.

The GSK Grow programme is open to charities with an annual income of between £20,000 and £120,000 and that are at least one year old. 

To learn more about the new GSK Grow programme and apply, please click here ( )  

GSK Grow winners

The winners, recognised for their support in the most underprivileged and diverse communities in the UK, are:

  • Breaking Barriers NW based in Bolton, aims to challenge the barriers to inclusion for disabled children, young people and their families providing support, activities and opportunities.
  • CoDa Dance Company uses dance to tell real life differently, delivering dance as a rehabilitation tool in hospitals for neurodisabled people and creating innovative digital dance experiences for curious audiences
  • Fumble supports young people aged 11-25 to successfully manage their sexual health, relationships and mental health in the digital age
  • GamFam provide help and support to anyone affected by the impact of gambling related harms
  • Live Through This supports and raises awareness of the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and other sexual and gender minorities (LGBTIQ+) cancer patients in the UK
  • The Maggie Oliver Foundation supports survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation nationally to turn the pain of their abuse into power through emotional support and advocacy
  • The Parent Rooms aims to support parents across Northern Ireland to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing and move into fulfilling and healthy lives
  • Plasma of Hope supports individuals living with Sickle Cell Disorder and other related illnesses in Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley and Sandwell
  • Suicide & Co supports people who are bereaved by suicide
  • The Widows Empowerment Trust supports the widowed community (male and female) who have suffered a bereavement and are experiencing loneliness and social isolation in and around Manchester
  • Youth@Heart is a cardiac charity who empower and support young people aged 15-24 living with congenital heart disease and their families across the South West of England and South Wales
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GSK and The King’s Fund have actively encouraged organisations to apply who are led by and support people from underrepresented backgrounds, people from ethnic minority communities, those with disabilities and from the LGBTQ+ community. We want people to bring their unique blend of experiences, backgrounds, perspectives and knowledge as we recognise that diversity makes us stronger.

2022 GSK IMPACT Award winners

The winners, recognised for their outstanding contribution to improving the UK’s health and wellbeing, are:

  • BHA for Equality - tackling health inequalities in ethnic minority communities in the north of England by offering advice and screening services for infections and diseases including HIV, cancer and tuberculosis (TB)
  • Brigstowe - enhancing the quality of life of people living with HIV and other long-term health conditions in Bristol and the surrounding area
  • Bromley and Croydon Women’s Aid - providing a place of safe refuge and support for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence
  • Dads Unlimited - a Kent-based charity supporting the mental health of dads across England who are undergoing family breakdown
  • Dementia Forward - providing information, advice and support along with wellbeing activities and respite for people across North Yorkshire affected by dementia
  • Haemochromatosis UK - improving the diagnosis and care of people affected by the genetic condition haemochromatosis (iron overload)
  • Mancroft Advice Project - providing advice, counselling, and holistic mental health support to young people in Norfolk aged 11-25
  • Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs - supporting anyone concerned about someone else’s alcohol or drug use in Scotland
  • The Haven Wolverhampton - providing safe accommodation and support for women and children in Wolverhampton affected by domestic abuse
  • Trekstock - supporting young adults affected by cancer to improve their health and wellbeing through physical activity and social support.

The runners up are: Broomhouse Centre, City Hospice Trust, Diverse Excellence Cymru, Integrate UK, Lantern Trust, The Mulberry Centre, New Citizens Gateway, The Lowdown, Treasures Foundation, WomenCentre.

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2021 GSK IMPACT Award winners

Congratulations to the Overall Winner of the 2021 GSK IMPACT Awards: MumsAid Maternal Mental Health support who provide life-changing specialist perinatal counselling and therapeutic care to pregnant women and new mums struggling with their mental health.

  • Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum - advancing education, relieving sickness, assisting vulnerable people and the aged to promote the preservation and protection of health.
  • Healthworks - supporting and enabling local communities across the Northeast of England to improve health, wellbeing and life outcomes.
  • Hounslow Youth Counselling Service - offering free, confidential counselling services to young people in the borough of Hounslow.
  • MumsAid Maternal Mental Health Support – 2021 GSK IMPACT Overall Winner – providing life-changing specialist perinatal counselling and therapeutic care to pregnant women and new mums struggling with their mental health.
  • NEXUS NI - changing lives affected by sexual trauma.
  • Redthread - supporting young people by integrating trauma-informed youth work into the health sector.
  • SARSAS - supporting anyone affected by sexual violence to heal and recover. Campaigning so that no-one is left unheard.
  • Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorder Association - the go to service for anyone affected by eating disorders in Somerset & Wessex.
  • Streetwise Young People's Project - making a positive difference in young people’s Lives by providing access to free, confidential mental health and emotional wellbeing services.
  • The Wish Centre – a specialist domestic abuse charity supporting individuals and families to live a life free from abuse.  

The runners-up are: Allsorts Youth Project, Croydon Vision, Every-One (Cares), Hampton Trust, Health and Wellness Hub, Penley Rainbow Centre, Positive East, Savera UK, West Wales Domestic Abuse Service, Women's Work.

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2020 GSK IMPACT Award winners

Congratulations to the Overall Winners of the 2020 GSK IMPACT Awards: Maundy Relief Trust and Playlist for Life. Maundy Relief provide an immediate and sustained response to poverty and need across Lancashire; and Playlist for Life connect people through personal music across the UK, helping dementia patients across the UK.

  • Auditory Verbal UK - providing a family programme for young deaf children to learn to listen and talk and get an equal start at school.
  • Empire Fighting Chance - fighting the impact of deprivation on the lives of young people through non-contact boxing.
  • Headway East London - supporting people affected by brain injury.
  • Maundy Relief Trust - an immediate and sustained response to poverty and need.
  • New Pathways - providing specialist support for anyone affected by rape or sexual abuse at any time in their lives.
  • Playlist for Life - connecting people through personal music.
  • Shantona Women and Family Centre – inspiring and empowering BAME women and their families to be confident, independent and resilient.
  • Trevi House - providing safe and nurturing spaces where women and children can heal, grow and thrive.
  • Vision Care for Homeless People – providing free eye tests and glasses to homeless people from eight city centre clinics.
  • Yellow Door - preventing & responding to domestic & sexual abuse.

The runners-up are: Bluebell Care Trust, Brunswick Centre, Manchester Action on Street Health, New Life Counselling, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum, Open Age, Positively UK, Re-Solv, Roar Connections for Life, Solace Surviving Exile and Persecution.

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GSK IMPACT Awards judging criteria

Working in partnership with The King’s Fund, a leading independent health charity, the GSK IMPACT awards recognise and promote the work of voluntary organisations with a proven track record in the challenging and demanding area of community healthcare. Awards are made on an annual basis, applications are made directly to The King’s Fund and in contrast to all other areas of the company’s programme of charitable support, awards can be used for core funding.

Organisations applying for funding via the GSK IMPACT Awards will be measured using the following criteria:

Innovation – Leadership, creativity and initiative in addressing current challenges in healthcare access and delivery.

Management – Efficient use of resources; quality of management processes; clear objectives and plans; measurement and monitoring of performance; strength and financial effectiveness of the organisation.

Partnership – Working effectively with others (members, users, private and public sector partners, etc); willingness to share ‘best practice’ and to learn from others.

Achievement – Measurable results achieved; numbers of people benefited, impact on access to healthcare; difference made.

Community focus – Involving and responding to users and the community; openness and provision of information; adaptability to changing circumstances and needs.

Targeting need – Awareness of community issues and priorities; focus on people in need.

Our partnerships

At GSK, we are committed to improving, and promoting, health and wellbeing across the UK. Learn more about each of our partnerships and the exceptional work they do within their communities.