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Karenann Terrell

Chief Digital & Technology Officer

Karenann Terrell , Chief Digital & Technology Officer
Karenann Terrell

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Karenann joined GSK as Chief Digital & Technology Officer in September 2017 with a company-wide remit to transform how new technologies are used to improve performance across the Group. She is a member of the Corporate Executive Team.

She is responsible for GSK’s digital, data and analytics strategy. She works with a wide range of partners from inside and outside the healthcare sector to bring new technologies to GSK, enhancing areas such as clinical trials and drug development; improving how we interact with healthcare professionals, customers and consumers; and making internal processes more efficient.

Karenann’s previous role was Chief Information Officer for Walmart, where she led a multi-year effort to transform Walmart in the use of data, analytics and digital engagement with its customers. Prior to Walmart she was at Baxter International, where she was Chief Information Officer, and before that Daimler Chrysler Corporation. Karenann began her career in General Motors and held various roles in manufacturing, engineering and brand management.

She earned graduate and post-graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University and Purdue University, respectively.