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We are one of the biggest contributors to Singapore's biomedical sciences industry with investments in excess of S$1.5 billion.

Singapore is the regional headquarters of our Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare businesses.

As well as global, regional and local commercial operations, we have a significant manufacturing presence in Singapore, comprising two global manufacturing supply sites and a vaccines manufacturing facility.

We were the first global healthcare company to establish a presence in Singapore.  In the years since, we have forged strong and mutually beneficial partnerships to grow our business, develop talent and contribute to Singapore's thriving biomedical sciences industry.

Today we employee around 1,900 people in Singapore, every one of whom share our mission to help people do more, feel better and live longer.

Our sites in Singapore

In Singapore, our business is spread across four sites – two global pharmaceutical manufacturing sites, a global vaccines manufacturing site and our corporate and commercial office.

GSK Asia House

Corporate and commercial offices

GSK Asia House is the regional headquarters of our Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare businesses. It is also the global headquarters of our Classic and Established Products group and home to our commercial operations for the Singapore market.

Singapore hero

Jurong global manufacturing site

Our Jurong site opened in 1982. The site, which now sits on a nine-hectare site, has evolved from bulk manufacture of established products in the early days to becoming a leading new product introductions (NPI) site within our pharma supply chain, producing new innovative medicines in areas including HIV and oncology.

It is focused on the development of late phase new chemical entities (NCEs) and delivering higher value products such as very active compounds in small batch sizes. The site currently has an R&D Pilot Plant where NCEs are developed and scaled up, and three production buildings making 13 active pharmaceutical ingredients for a range of medicines prescribed for the treatment of respiratory, oncology, allergy, anti-viral and neurological conditions.

In 2014, the Jurong site built a commercial continuous processing plant using new hybrid continuous-batch synthesis, the first of its kind within our pharma supply chain. In 2019, the site opened new production facilities worth S$130m, including two continuous manufacturing facilities, and an expansion of one of the site’s production buildings.

Quality Road global manufacturing site

Quality Road is one of the world’s largest amoxicillin facilities and Singapore’s first pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant. Built in 1972 at a cost of over S$32 million, the site was officially opened in May 1973.

The site was originally built to produce a range of newly discovered semi-synthetic penicillin and had both primary and secondary production facilities to make the final dose forms. Over time, the site developed into one of GSK’s critical sites for the supply of Amoxicillin which is an active compound for the manufacture of our antibiotics.

In 2012, we invested  S$60 million to improve antibiotic manufacturing capabilities by utilising enzymatic technology to replace existing chemical processes during the production of amoxicillin. In 2015, S$77million was invested to construct an additional facility for enzymatic manufacturing.

Tuas global vaccines manufacturing facility

With an investment of S$510 million, our state-of-the-art vaccines manufacturing facility at Tuas was opened in June 2009 by Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, coinciding with our 50th anniversary in Singapore.

Comprising two production buildings, an administration block, quality control laboratories, utility plant and warehousing, the facility became operational in 2011. The facility and operations meet the high quality and good manufacturing standards of global regulatory bodies such as the European Medicines Agency.

Tuas is a key manufacturing site within our network supplying the active ingredient used to make our pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. This paediatric vaccine is indicated for the active immunisation against pneumonia caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, invasive diseases and acute otitis media caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae in infants and children.

Tuas site also focuses on manufacturing Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) antigen which is used in the manufacture of several paediatric vaccines. Hib is a bacterium responsible for invasive diseases, such as severe pneumonia and meningitis, contracted almost exclusively by children less than five years old.

These two vaccine products manufactured at Tuas covers approximately 45% of the diseases causing paediatric mortality in the world, making a significant contribution to our global health agenda. The site continues to invest in developing technical capability and process improvement, and embracing new technology such as digital, data and analytics to position itself as the centre of excellence for the manufacture of vaccines.

Tuas global vaccines manufacturing facility

Healthcare professionals

Health professionals in Singapore can obtain information about products and areas of therapy related to GSK by visiting GSKPro

Disclosure of payments made to Healthcare professionals and Healthcare organisations in Singapore      

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Apprenticeships in Singapore

Apprenticeship programme – Process Technician ​

As a process technician apprentice, you will develop the skills and knowledge required to operate the equipment and utility systems that produce our pharmaceutical products.


Achieve your career goals on our apprentice programme

Our process technician apprenticeship offers you the chance to study towards nationally recognised qualifications – a Diploma in Applied Science (Chemical Technology) - while gaining valuable, paid work experience.

You’ll receive tailored on-the-job training from our in-house experts, combined with early responsibility to help you develop and progress.  Working with both your manager and programme manager we want to identify the right opportunities to help you succeed in the short term and throughout your career with us. You will also be assigned a buddy or a mentor who will be there to offer support and guidance throughout your apprenticeship.

You will also receive a Work-Study certificate from the Singapore Education and Training Institution, a nationally recognised credential that certifies occupational proficiency.

What will you do?

This 30-month programme will combine on-the-job learning with a programme of training and development.  You will complete a series of on-site job rotations, learning how to operate the different equipment and utility systems that support our pharmaceutical production. 

You will learn safety and risk management to ensure all the equipment and facilities in your area are operated safely and efficiently.  You can expect to work both individually (when appropriately trained) and as part of a team - taking responsibility for the quality, safety and accuracy of the work you undertake.

Over the course of your apprenticeship you’ll be given the opportunity to attend development weeks where you can meet and network with apprentices from USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and Malaysia. You might be taking part in an outdoor adventure course, zip-lining and going on expeditions, or you could be meeting former apprentices and learning from their past experiences. These types of activities will help you to build your personal, social and emotional skills – key skills for you to bring back into your day to day work.

Click here to find out more about the GSK apprentice Outward Bound trip.

Your role may involve:

  • Supporting the operation of solvent recovery, solvent recovery and effluent treatment processes that support manufacturing processes
  • Supporting routine preventive maintenance activities
  • Different project activities
  • First touch engineering - root causing and solving breakdowns
  • Data collection, analysis and trending to identify improvement opportunities and implement change
  • Assisting in new product and equipment introductions.

Watch Syafiq, our Process Technician apprentice from the 2019 cohort: here

What qualifications do I need to apply?

To be eligible for our Process Technician apprenticeship programme, you will need:

  • NITEC in Chemical Technology Diploma (GPA>2.0)


  • Higher NITEC in Chemical Process Technology


  • Higher NITEC in Biotechnology

Where will I be based?

You will be based at one of our manufacturing sites in Singapore near Jurong or Quality Road. Manufacturing sites operate on a 24-hour schedule, so you will be assigned to a team and expected to support shift work.

What our apprentices say about the GSK apprenticeship programme

“I have really enjoyed working in all different areas on the site learning my chosen trade from qualified - this has given me the best training I could have asked for!”

“The most enjoyable part so far was probably the personal development week - it was great to do activities I never normally would and to also be around other apprentices in similar situations to me and compare all our thoughts and opinions on the apprenticeship programme.”

“I have enjoyed the challenge of managing my work load to ensure I keep on top of the training for my role as well as my college work. It has been a great opportunity to prove myself.”

When can I start?

Our apprenticeships start in August 2021.

How can I apply?

Applications are now open. Before you apply, read some tips to help you with the recruitment process here.

Click here to apply.

Applications close 21 April 2021. (We recommend you apply as soon as possible, because we accept ongoing applications and offer on a first come, first served basis). 

Need help with your application?

Please contact us at

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GSK Singapore and Vir Announce APA with Singapore MOH

GSK Singapore and Vir Biotechnology announced an advance purchase agreement with the Government of Singapore for the supply of sotrovimab, an investigational single-dose monoclonal antibody, for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 who do not require oxygen supplementation and who are at risk of progressing to severe COVID-19.

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