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We demerged our world leading consumer healthcare business, Haleon, on 18 July 2022.

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Consumer Healthcare Capital Markets Day

Brian Mcnamara

Haleon CEO-Designate, Brian McNamara, and other members of the Designate Executive Leadership team hosted a virtual Capital Markets Day on 28 February 2022. The programme outlined the strategy for Haleon to deliver sustainable, above-market growth and strong value creation.

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Our speakers

  • Brian Mcnamara

    Brian McNamara

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Tobias Hestler

    Tobias Hestler

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Tamara Rogers

    Tamara Rogers

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Franck Riot

    Franck Riot

    Head of R&D

  • Teri Lyng

    Teri Lyng

    Head of Sustainability

  • Lisa Paley

    Lisa Paley

    Head of U.S. & North America

  • Filippo Lanzi

    Filippo Lanzi

    Head of EMEA & LatAm

  • Keith Choy

    Keith Choy

    Head of Asia Pacific



Sonya Ghobrial, Consumer Healthcare Head of Investor Relations


Delivering shareholder value
Emma Walmsley, Chief Executive Officer, GSK


Haleon: A global consumer healthcare leader delivering sustainable above market growth and attractive returns
Brian McNamara, Chief Executive Officer Designate, Haleon


Competitive capabilities to outperform in the market
Tamara Rogers, CMO & Franck Riot Head of Research & Development


Delivering attractive growth across the regions
Lisa Paley, Head of US & North America
Keith Choy, Head of Asia Pac
Filippo Lanzi, Head of EMEA & Latin America


Running a responsible business, integral to all we do
Teri Lyng, Head of Sustainability


Committed to delivering attractive & sustainable growth, maximizing shareholder value
Tobias Hestler, Chief Financial Officer Designate, Haleon


Bringing it all together
Brian McNamara, Chief Executive Officer Designate, Haleon

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