GSK at ESMO 2023

GSK will be at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress 2023.

Date: 20-24 October

Location: Madrid, Spain

Potential RSV patients who would fit the criteria for RSV vaccine

GSK at ESMO 2023 

GSK will share data presentations describing new findings and progress in our oncology portfolio and pipeline at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress 2023. This research reflects our commitment to maximising patient survival through transformational medicines, with a current focus on breakthroughs in immuno-oncology and tumor-cell targeting therapies, and the application of these approaches in gynaecologic cancers and other solid tumours.  

Patient stories


Endometrial cancer - Andrea's story

After an endometrial cancer diagnosis six days before her wedding, Andrea went on to fulfil goals of traveling and earning a Master’s degree. Andrea’s advocating for open dialogue about this disease for patients in Singapore and beyond.

31 May 2023

Ovarian cancer - Carmen's story

Carmen was diagnosed with cancer as part of a check-up with her doctor that she scheduled due to symptoms she was experiencing. Because symptoms of ovarian cancer can vary among patients, she believes in trusting one’s own body.

26 May 2023

Multiple Myeloma – Peter’s Story

Cancer can be an especially challenging topic. After his multiple myeloma diagnosis, Peter overcame this stigma by sharing his story and leading a community of patients to discuss and support each other through their disease journeys.

02 December 2022

Myelofibrosis - Sole2Soul

Our commitment to the myelofibrosis community goes beyond our work to develop new therapies. We’re helping support patients and raise awareness for myelofibrosis. Learn more from the Sole2Soul for MPN hike.

02 December 2022

Connecting with the myelofibrosis care partner and patient community

We recently launched Mapping Myelofibrosis, an initiative designed to provide information about this complex blood cancer and support the myelofibrosis patient community. This initiative will connect myelofibrosis patients and caregivers with educational tools, resources and stories to help navigate their journey, from the onset of symptoms through diagnosis and disease management.

We are proud to have recently launched the first episode of our podcast series, featuring an interview with Cheryl Petruk, the Founder of the Canadian MPN Research Foundation and Executive Director of the Canadian MPN Network, discussing the role of care partners in supporting those with myelofibrosis.  

Listen to our first podcast episode - Mapping Myelofibrosis: A caregiver’s journey

Targeting a better future for multiple myeloma patients

GSK is driving progress for the multiple myeloma community by identifying and accelerating innovative ideas. This year, through our Target the Future Think Tank Challenge, GSK will provide an £85,000 ($100,000) grant to the most innovative approach to address disparities multiple myeloma patients face. Our judging panel is currently evaluating submissions from around the world. Learn more about the programme on the Target the Future site, and follow along for exciting updates on the finalists and selected grantee on our social channels.

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